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Everything You Can Learn:

  • How to Market your business and products via website & Social Media!

  • How to formulate Skin Care & Make-up Products!

  • How to Dupe any product from any brand.

  • Personal Development.

  • Creating your own formulas.

  • Understanding every Ingredient.

  • Equipment Needed and Why.

  • Trusted Wholesale Suppliers.

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  • Create your own customized products!

  • Build or upgrade your brand!

  • Become an innovative formulator!

  • Be a millennial marketing expert!

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It doesn't matter if other companies are selling the same products, if you don't have any experience in marketing or making cosmetics products or if you don't know the right equipment or the laws from the FDA, I cover everything that will help you and I also cover how to separate yourself from the competition making a 'common' product a UNIQUE one!

Meet your course coach:

CEO of Di'Bella Journal


Imagine, being able to wake up at any hour you want, work at your own hours, your own way and making money non-stop while sleeping, seeing notifications that you have new payments from someone purchasing your products... 

That's what happened to me a few years ago, but that's an old story; I received a proposal for my handmade business and I sold it for an EXCELLENT PRICE! I saw the potential of having your own business, so this feeling of teaching others grew inside of me and wouldn't stay quiet, that's when my new journey began. I have helped many small businesses go viral thanks to my formulas and coaching them how to separate their business from the competition.

Now, I want to teach others how to have the artisan make-up business they've always dreamed of!

No need to keep looking for recipes to create your products, create your own and be innovative!

It is possible! Stop giving yourself excuses and start on this amazing journey! I will help you every step of the way!

"I got the hang of it with the course. You've been much of a help. I wasn’t expecting you to really get involved and be such a great person. Some people only give you half the info. and disappear but you are really hands on."

Testimonial from:
@Stushgyalcee / @Ceeceereneecosmetics

"I know you’re super busy- but I wanted to let you know I’ve been experimenting with matte shadow recipes. I tried yours and from two other bloggers. Your recipe has the best balance of slip and adhesion when I use alcohol as my binder!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I can’t wait for your print book to come out! I’m not trying to start a makeup business (I make jewelry), but I love making my own cosmetics and you are the best!!"

Testimonial from:

"Your course has been the best so far and I like all your formulas. Im glad you have for beginners and advanced, those who dont understand how makeup products are made they need to start with beginner formulas because the advanced are going to seem too complicated for them. I already had knowledge so it was easy to understand them. DiBella knows how to make makeup looks, she knows how makeup products works because she has experience and she knows how to create a formula that exceeds expectations. I am happy I found her. and a Big plus, she still sticks by your side even after purchasing, unlike others that dont care at all if you are progressing or not."

Testimonial from:
David - @dnphotography19

"You can dupe any makeup product that anyone tells you to! I remember when you duped one of abh palettes and the colors, when I followed the exact steps the colors came out the same with the same formula, how it feels how it swatches and how it blends! This woman is the DUPE QUEEN and a lot of people who asked me if I know about you have told me that you are the dupe queen! I love how sweet and kind you are and how you always help me and your formulas are high quality. I am forever thankful to have find you and your course and ebooks are THE BOMB!"

Testimonial from:
Frances - @makeupcreatorr

"Your course is well organized and done! I already have all the makeup ingredients that I need! I love the matte eye shadow recipe, I cant be more happy and thankful for this course thank you so so sososoo much! I already saw every module and I am so excited!! I can't contain my happiness! thank you! I already submitted my trademark for my makeup business and have the insurance paid for my business like you advised me and I also have the place to make my makeup products all thanks to you! I have sold over 56 products just this month when I was only making 2 or 4 sales a month until i found you! you have helped a lot ! Sorry for the boring long email I just cant thank you enough Dibella!"

Testimonial from:
Emma Gagnon

"You are the DUPE QUEEN! Not only you made my business go viral, but I duped every palette from HUDA thanks to you! I am grateful that i found you. Im sorry if I dont like you revealing my business, I just dont want people saying that I didnt do this formulas because I did thanks to you. You are a wonderful and sweet woman and I cant wait for you to do a meet up so I can go and meet you!"

Testimonial from:
CEO of small business gone viral

If you would like to see more Reviews from customers who have bought my courses, e-books and book, please click here to see them on my Instagram account. There are many uploaded posts with reviews from e-mails, messages (DMs), and even in comments on my posts!



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